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About Henry :


Henry Lau (born October 11, 1989), better known mononymously as Henry, is a Chinese Canadian singer songwriter (His father is from Hong Kong, China and his mother is from Pingtung, Republic of China.) and pop violinist. He is one of the two new additional members to the Super Junior sub-unit Super Junior-M, the other being Zhou Mi. Henry’s primary language is English, though he can speak conversational Korean and Mandarin, as well as Cantonese. He also learned French in Canada.

Henry Lau learned to play the violin at age 6 and learned a unique form of dancing called boogaloo popping while in high school. He attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute in grade 9, and attended A.Y. Jackson Secondary School (Toronto) for the rest of his high school years before being chosen at the 2006 SM Entertainment Global Audition in Toronto, Ontario. He also briefly attended University of Toronto (Music Performance Major). Currently, he is attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, with an expected graduation date in 2014.

His first appearance was in Super Junior’s “Don’t Don[1] music video in September 2007. A few months later, Don’t Don became a number one hit in Korea. In 2008, Henry was added to Super Junior-M[2] and the group debuted in China on April 8, 2008, releasing their “U” remake music video and an album entitled “迷 [Me]” soon after that incorporated Henry’s violin.

Henry returned to the music industry after a year-long break when Super Junior-M and their first mini-album: Super Girl (EP) was released in China on September 25, 2009. In the mini-album, Henry does not display his violin playing.

In 2010, Henry composed a song called ‘진심(All My Heart)’ for Super Junior‘s 4th repackage album, with Leeteuk. And for Super Show 2, he made a song titled “Sick Of Love” which was written in English and hasn’t legally recorded yet.

Henry’s areas of expertise lie in violin, piano, popping and singing. He began violin lessons at the age of six. After only one year of dancing, Henry was competing in dance (popping) competitions and shows. Henry has gained many performance awards, such as the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music Silver Medal for Level 10 Violin.

His fans are known as “Strings”.


cr : wikipedia


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